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Building a Deck in Canterbury?

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5 Common Deck Designs Detailed;


Platform Decks


  • Low and to the ground
  • Protected against elements

Platform decks are the simplest deck style. They are usually built on level lots and attached to single-level dwellings. Build-in planters and bench seating are always good. Angles, curves, a large screened gazebo, and a sunburst railing provide both style and function for this deck.



Raised Decks


  • Can be two-story with the right supports
  • Exposed foundation posts that can be concealed with foundation plantings or skirting

Houses with above-grade first floors require raised decks. Raised decks must include railings and stairs for safety and easy access to the yard.



Multilevel Decks

Add new dimensions to a backyardFeatures;

  • Ideal for sloping land/ lots

Multilevel decks are a series of decks connected by stairways or walkways, usually built to adapt to different sun exposure at different times of the day, e.g. Sunny areas for entertainment and shaded for seating etc.


Freestanding Decks


  • highlighting the best areas of your yard
  • natural extensions of the backyard area

This is a useful approach when the house’s construction does not allow for a ledger board, which is bolted to the house’s framing, or the house requires a three-level deck system.


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