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Top Five 2013 Home Renovation Trends For Every Home

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Top Five 2013 Home Renovation Trends For Every Home


The home renovation trends for 2013 are arguably the most exciting in the past few years mainly because old and new materials are being combined in innovative ways, luxurious touches at affordable prices are possible, and multi is the new buzzword. Here are the most important trends for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms that will be stylish for many years to come!


#5 Composite Is Cool


Granite is a timeless material for kitchen countertops, thus, its popularity but for a modern ambience, opt for composite materials in engineered quartz and stone. These composite materials provide for several benefits in form and function – beautiful in its aesthetics of sleek lines yet practical in its bulletproof, flexible and durable properties.


And where kitchen colors were striking in their appeal, interior decorators are in favor of somber, some will say, sober hues. Charcoal with its blends of dark and light is the new black while stainless steel has been replaced by back-painted glass splash backs.


Everything is then highlighted by LED lighting, one of the recurring home renovation trends for many years now.


#4 Bliss in the Bathroom


We spend so much time in the bathroom that it’s only logical that it becomes a place of bliss! Your 2013 bathroom should have charcoal as the based with blends of grey, chocolate and perhaps a hint of your favorite shade of green.


Add more luxurious touches like his-and-hers basins, wet area showers, and freestanding bathtubs. With spare cash, splurge on designer heating, multi-nozzle showers and under-floor heating and spending time in the bathroom is such bliss.


#3 Living with Multiple Generations


Western culture values individual independence but the current economic crisis has partly contributed to multi-generational living. Parents and their children – kids, teens and adults – perhaps even a grandparent are all living together under one roof.


The 2013 home renovation trends then reflect such living arrangements – the attic and basement are converted into self-contained apartments, the shed becomes a one-room studio, and the main house becomes a common area for everybody to gather.


#2 Living in One Abode Longer


Baby boomers are staying in their homes far longer than tradition dictates – retirement villages are seen as the last resort. Renovations to make the house more senior citizen-friendly are made such as wider doorways, accessible switches, and installation of ramps and support rails.


#1 Rooms with Multiple Purposes


And because more people are living under a single roof, the rooms must be designed for multiple purposes so as to maximize every available space. Alcoves become home offices or study areas, basements become bedrooms, and garages become workshops.


Which of these home renovation trends are for you? Perhaps all of them!

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