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4 Renovation Ideas for Commercial Businesses

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to renovate your business, now is as good a time as any. Whether you have a restaurant, office or any other type of business, a renovation will make your space more inviting for everyone. Here are four ideas that are guaranteed to have a positive impact.

 1) Painting 

As humans we are naturally visual oriented and prone to seeing with our eyes first. Painting the walls both inside and outside is an easy way to make your building look brighter and give a positive first impression. You could even use your company colours to really make your space pop.

 2) Lighting 

Proper lighting is important for not only the health and wellbeing of employees, but it can also make the area look more attractive. The first thing we would recommend is to replace your lightbulbs with energy efficient LEDS that burn cooler and last for longer. What’s not to love?

 3) Furnishings 

Incorporating ergonomic furniture promotes the all-important healthier and safer working environment for employees – especially if they will be sitting in the office for a long period. Ergonomic desks and chairs are user-adjustable so that comfort is guaranteed for everyone. Bonus point is that they are available in a wide range of designs and colours.

 4) Breakout spaces

Breakout spaces are popular casual spaces that give employees a chance to wind down if necessary. By including a space like this in your commercial business, you’ll be helping to improve motivation, productivity, and efficiency. If you already have one, something as basic as buying some new sofas, giving the room a lick of new paint, or even switching up the lighting can make a huge difference in the general feel of the room.

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