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The Most Important Decisions You Need to Make When Having a New Home Built

Having a new home built for you and your family can be a very exciting process, but you’ll need to make a lot of important decisions along the way if you want the result to be something that you are proud of, is of good quality, and will serve your family for generations to come.

As new build and home renovation specialists in Christchurch, we believe that some of the most important decisions you’ll have to make include:

Your Lot

The size and shape of the lot you buy will ultimately determine what type of home you can have built. If this choice is overwhelming to you, there are several house and land packages that you can look into.

Custom or Predesign

There are so many different pros and cons for custom homes and predesigned homes. Custom homes allow you to create an original and unique home design with all of the features that you have dreamt about, but a predesign offers you a tried and tested design and cuts out a lot of costs and time.

Building Company

The building company that you choose can make or break your project. Ensure that you do sufficient research so that you make a well-informed choice. Read testimonials, and check out various websites.

Your Budget

Deciding on your budget can be a tricky decision, especially if you need to sort lending. You want to look at your finances in depth and settle on a budget that allows you to get the home that suits you but is also affordable. Insisting on a quote completed by a Quantity Surveyor is a sure way of knowing the true cost of your project, how long a build will take and exactly what has been allowed for due to the detail this kind of quote provides.


Materials play a massive role in cost, sustainability, quality, and more. You may have to decide what materials should be used to build your home, as well as flooring and other interior products. It may help to do a bit of research into materials to understand what you like however a good building company will discuss what options will work best and why.

Finishes and Features

There are so many little decisions that you’ll have to deal with based on the finishes and features of your home, especially if you decide to go with a custom home. It is a good idea to work with a build team that includes architects and interior designers who can help you with this part of the building process.

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