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Tips For Future-Proofing Your Home: Advice from Our Master Builders in Christchurch

When you have a new home built, it is very important that you build with your future in mind. While a one-bedroom may be perfect for you and your partner right now, what about a few years down the line? If you build with the future in mind, you save yourself from costly renovations and reduce future feelings of dissatisfaction with your home.

As master builders in Christchurch, we know just how important future-proofing your new home is. So here are a few nuggets of valuable advice!

Focus On Energy Efficiency

Energy costs will only continue to increase, so it is recommended that you focus on and invest in energy-efficient solutions from the get-go as they are often very difficult to incorporate at a later stage. This includes house orientation, building materials, insulation, natural energy solutions, energy-efficient technology and so much more.

Think About The Area You Build In Carefully

The suburb you build in is very important, so choose your lot carefully. You may be keen on being close to the nightlife and all the action now, but will you feel the same in 10 years? It is also important to look at the trends of certain suburbs. Is there major development that is going to take place? Has there been a spike in crime? Spending time in certain suburbs will also give you a better feel for them.

Build A Little More Rather Than Less

It is far better to simply build an extra bedroom while your house is being built than to add on an extra bedroom in a few years’ time. You never know when you will need a little more room. For example, your family could grow, or you may need a home office. There is nothing wrong with having a room in your home that stands empty for a while.

If it is not within your budget, you should consider where an extra room could be added and allow for this on your plan to make future improvements easier and more cost-effective.

Leave Room For Future Projects

If you want to build a pool in a few years’ time but just cannot afford it now, make sure that there is enough space in the area where you’d like to place your pool. The same goes for garages, granny flats, etc.

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