Urban-Style Design Ideas Worth Considering for a New-Build Home

When we design and build a Christchurch home on behalf of a client, we always refer back to the specifics of the project brief. This will naturally touch upon the property’s overall aesthetic style.

If you are personally looking to set up home in the South Island’s largest city, you could be drawn to the urban interior design style. This incorporates contemporary and industrial elements, but how could you achieve it in a new-build home as it comes together? Here are some ideas…

Start with Open Floor Layouts

What is an open floor plan? The Spruce defines it as “when two or more common spaces have been joined to form a larger area by eliminating partition walls; usually, the rooms have separate but related functions”.

As you draw up the home’s design, you could — for example — put the kitchen and dining areas all in one large room rather than separately. The resulting space would allow for a large degree of flexibility, which can come into its own as you get underway with adding furniture and décor.

Go for a Natural Look with the Flooring

The crucial word there is ‘look’; the materials you choose for the flooring don’t necessarily have to be natural through and through. This means you could use, vinyl flooring made to resemble wood or stone which is more cost-effective as well as easier to maintain.

Inspire a Sense of Nature with the Furnishings

These furnishings again don’t need to be entirely natural. You could add a rug made from organic materials or you could throw in some — ahem — throws and cushions in earthy tones such as greens and browns.

Include Some Industrial Touches

Industrial environments are typically designed with a focus on functionality rather than aesthetics, yet they are frequently acknowledged for their aesthetic qualities in ‘urban’ design.

It’s an edgy look you can emulate by leaving brick walls and metal pipes exposed, or crafting fittings from industrial-themed materials like metal, concrete and glass.

You might have already thought of other ways to bring the ‘industrial chic’ look to your new-build residence. Let us help bring your ideas to life, and we can design and build a Christchurch home together; please phone us on 03 423 9022 to learn more.